Lentz handmade caramel is an exquisite blend of passion, personality and perfection

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Love for caramel

Caramel is not quite what it used to be. Condensed milk, hydrogenated fat and preservatives are among the things that have destroyed caramels’ good reputation.

We have managed to change that. We have returned to the original, authentic caramel, recreating the soft consistency and delicate flavour that can only come from pure butter and cream. Our handmade caramel has no artificial colour, flavour or additives.

Our love for caramel can be tasted in the soft, sweet and creamy confectioneries that simply melt in your mouth.

Production of caramel



Concealed under the crunchy shell of the shiny chocolate exterior is a delightful range of different creams and fillings, all created from unique ingredients in an exquisite blend of the most delicious butter and soft cream.

Production of Chocolate


The best ingredients

Finding the best ingredients is like looking for a needle in a haystack. For this reason, we have searched the farthest corners of the earth in our quest to obtain them.

In India we found the juiciest Alfonso mangoes, in Ecuador, we discovered the most delicious passion fruit, and our lightly salted cashew nuts are specially brought in from Asia. The vanilla we use comes from a small, exotic island in Polynesia, and naturally, only the finest peppermint oil from Japan, will do at Lentz.

Europe also offers a wide selection of delights. The exclusive Marcona almonds from Spain and the finest liquorice from Calabria are among the treasures making up our collection of fine ingredients. Piemonte are masters at growing hazelnuts and we have hurried there to get our hands on them. The highest quality butter –  A.O.P – used in our products, comes from Charante-Poitou in France, a place renowned for making pure, natural butter since the 16th Century.

But our search is not over. We believe, that only with the finest ingredients, can we create the most delectable confectioneries for our esteemed clients.


About Michael Lentz

Behind the craftmanship at Lentz Copenhagen is the man Michael Jacques Lentz, who is not only a baker, pastry chef and an exquisite chocolatier, but also an industrious, innovative perfectionist who enjoys the good things in life.

Since 1986, he has been in the confectionery world and has worked with some of the best known names in the industry, amongst others, the world renowned cook, Rasmus Bo Bojsen and the chocolate brand AXOCO.

To this day he personally works in his kitchen in a place a little outside Copenhagen – both when preparing homemade caramel and handmade chocolate as well as when creating new recipes.

His inspiration comes from all parts of the world but especially from Paris where chocolate makers like himself, strive to create perfection in each bite.